For this demo of Apls.js we will use Amplitude.js plus three other libraries: Ajax Module, Dragula and Progress Bar.js.

The minimalist player is powered by Amplitude.js and shows the main controls handled by apls.

The playlist starts with three tracks only, but you can add more by dragging a track from the Jukebox and dropping it in the playlist (even if Amplitude is already playing); you can also sort the playlist (drag & drop and sorting are possible thanks to Dragula).

To add more tracks randomly from DJ Rocket via Ajax, you can press the "Add track" button. The track added follows the pattern specified in the documentation.

Notice that you can also play the songs from the Jukebox before adding them to 'Playlist' -or you can simply select which playlist you prefer to play by clicking on its names.

The progress bar is interactive, so you can skip to any point in the song.

After finishing playing Playlist, apls fires the event playEnd, which will be used in this demo to start playing the Jukebox playlist.

  • DJ Rocket | Chill #1
  • DJ Rocket | Chill #2
  • DJ Rocket | Chilly Lullaby
  • DJ Rocket | Chill #1
  • DJ Rocket | Chill #2
  • DJ Rocket | Chill more
  • DJ Rocket | Keep chilling
  • DJ Rocket | Chilling me?
  • DJ Rocket | No Chill
  • DJ Rocket | Chill later
  • DJ Rocket | Chilly Chilly
  • DJ Rocket | Chill tomorrow
  • DJ Rocket | Chill Now
  • DJ Rocket | No Chilling
  • DJ Rocket | Chilling me softly
  • DJ Rocket | Chiller
  • DJ Rocket | Chill Drone
  • DJ Rocket | Chill end